Could you foster or adopt?

Reading Borough Council and Slough Borough Council are holding information events, throughout October and early November, providing an ideal opportunity for local people to find out what is involved and ask any questions they may have. The two councils are encouraging people to think about how they can make a difference to children and young peoples lives.

Carers are as different as the children they look after. It doesnt matter if you are married or single, a home owner or rent your home, gay or heterosexual, religious or non-practising; what matters most is that you are right for the child or children. As long as you have a spare room and are over 21, you can apply to be a foster carer.
If youve ever thought about fostering and wondered how you can make a difference to a child or young persons life, why not contact Readings or Sloughs family placement service to find out more? The process is probably much quicker than you think and by November 2014, you could be helping to create a positive future for a child.







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